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New edition of the rose guide to the rose collection in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe published in English for the first time

We are very proud to present the first English edition of the rose guide to the rose collection in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe to our international rose friends. It is an updated translation of the fifth edition of the rose guide from 2018.

In contrast to the fourth edition from 1996, the fifth edition was published in two volumes for the first time. The first volume covers the history of the rose collection from the 12th century to the present day on 144 pages, contains valuable information on the botany and care of roses and is illustrated with numerous colour pictures. The second volume contains a 208-page inventory of the collection with newly compiled descriptions of all the roses planted in the park and information on the roses painted by Salomon Pinhas.

The rose collection in Wilhelmshöhe Park, which is known worldwide among rose lovers, has been maintained and preserved by the Association Rose Island Wilhelmshöhe Park on a voluntary basis since 1977. The more than 800 different rose varieties and species, with a focus on historical roses and species roses, are described in an inventory, the ‚Rose Guide‘, which interested visitors can use to find their way around the collection.

Due to the international reputation of the rose collection among rose lovers all over the world, it is visited by numerous individual visitors as well as by groups from non-German-speaking countries. Many visitors therefore requested the guide in English so that they could obtain comprehensive information about the collection. Access to the roses is via their individual number, under which a description can be found in the inventory (Volume 2).

With the financial support of the Mathias Tantau Foundation, the translation by members of the association and the printing of the English edition could be realized. The English edition was published for the first time in April 2024.

The rose guide is available from our association ( and on site in the Schloss Wilhelmshöhe museum store at a price of € 25.00 for both volumes.

The attractiveness of the rose collection, which is unique in this form worldwide, has increased beyond the borders of Kassel thanks to two important national and international awards. In 2013, Wilhelmshöhe Park and the trick fountains in their entirety were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2015, the rose collection received the „Award of Garden Excellence“ from the „World Federation of Rose Societies“ at the World Rose Conference in Lyon. Alongside the Europa-Rosarium in Sangerhausen, the largest rosarium in the world, and the „Rosenneuheitengarten auf dem Beutig“, known for the „International Rose Novelty Competition“, which has been held in Baden-Baden since 1952, the Kassel Rose Collection is the third rose garden in Germany and one of the few purely volunteer-run gardens in the world to receive this prestigious award. The „Award of Garden Excellence“ is a great honour for all members of the „Association Rose Island Wilhelmshöhe Park“, which has been in existence since 1977, who are directly or indirectly involved in the care and preservation of the roses in the park.

Dr. Andreas Meier-Dinkel
Chairman of the Association Rose Island Wilhelmshöhe Park

19 May 2024

‚Stanwell Perpetual‘ (Lee 1834 GB) different details of the parents. Hybrid Spinosissima, shrub rose, vigorous, broad-bushy, overhanging, dark shoots, strongly unequally prickled, up to 200 cm. Pale pink, later lightening to cream-white, medium-sized, cupped, slightly curled petals, densely filled, visible stamens, scent***, remontant until autumn. Greyish-green, 9 leaflets, matt, oval, young leaves light green with light brown edge (also Sect. 1 no. 16)

Rose Island No. 849a

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First English edition, Kassel 2024

Hedi Grimm†, Dr. Wernt Grimm†, Eilike Vemmer, Ruth Weiß and Dr. Andreas Meier-Dinkel


Published by the Association Rose Island Wilhelmshöhe Park e. V.

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